Kisha Tikina Burgos | actress, writer, filmmaker

Hello, World!

Episode 20

This is a Spanglish podcast and episode 20 of Notes From A Native Daughter. My guest is Puerto Rican actress, writer, and filmmaker Kisha Tikina Burgos. In our second go at recording, we end up having a heart-to-heart philosophical conversation about creativity and purpose. Lovely. 

Next week, on November 9th, her award-winning film “Antes que cante el gallo” (Before the Rooster Sings) directed by Ari Maniel Cruz, opens the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF) here in New York City. Among other awards, “Antes que cante el gallo” just received the Mejor Pelicula de Infancia 2016 by UNICEF Colombia during the 33rd edition of the Bogotá Film Festival. This is very cool and head over to Google translate to flip language and learn more. The film’s executive team are all a bunch of super Puerto Rican pros. Also very cool. So be on the lookout for streaming.

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