Melissa Rendler-García | global public health and policy consultant

One of the awesome things about doing this podcast/program for the past sixty-weeks has been the chance to speak with and listen to a lot of wonderful people. It’s kept me present to the fact that there is a lot of goodness despite all the social and political parasites and white supremacists, here and abroad, who with their ignorant and retrograde intellect, insist on bringing us all to the precipice of death.

One of those good people is Melissa Rendler-García. She has been working in advocacy and policy of public health for over 20-years at a global scale. From the heart of the Amazon to Romania to Afghanistan to Central and South America, Melissa has worked on issues from malaria to cancer. Her main service, to support government ministries and agencies like the Union for International Cancer Control in bringing global attention for funding to pandemics and preventable diseases like cervical cancer, affecting poor and developing nations.

In this episode, she talks about her journey into the field. I’m super proud of her and admire her strength of character. Listen to her story, her sense of humanity might just give you a little jolt of inspiration.

Healthcare is an issue close to my heart and should be for all of you. Our pre-existing condition is being born. For now, here is one of my favorite people, proud to call her a sister, an advocate of all of us and we both agree that healthcare is a human right.

Soldanela Rivera