Howard Jordan & Humanitarian Cheat Sheet

Episode 67 is the great Howard Jordan - he's a perfect match for today's times and Puerto Ricans.

Fierce and gracious both, the Mayor of San Juan. It appears true the administrations don't care if we die. It is so grotesque and real, it's unbelievable. So much so that you don’t believe it at first. Rats working behind the scenes, colluding, arguing, imposing bureaucratic paperwork before humanitarian urgency, lying, confusing the people, letting them rot so to speak. But then you see it, and it is nauseating. Words don’t come easy. I’m tense, irritable, working very hard to stay the course, sifting through emails and feeds looking for stuff, reading what is being said. I think all Puerto Ricans are adapting to everything being different. This Cheat Sheet keeps changing but it’s still made to help people. And, although I cannot foresee what the future holds in terms of people's behavior and their accountability to projects, in the whole I know people here are decent and they want to work hard. So go at it knowing the task will get done.

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Soldanela Rivera