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NFAND CODA VI | Vacation Announcement

Dear ones...

I'm taking a month hiatus from Notes From A Native Daughter. 

I believe this is week 110 of uninterrupted Sunday dispatches.

I have loved talking, listening, and making this one-on-one raw style format show more than words can say, for now. The idea for the podcast was originally intentioned to give me purpose, at a time when I was lost. The hunch was to record conversations with the amazing artists and humanists I know because arts and culture are the cornerstones of our humanity. Coming from that place I found purpose and strength and resolve.

And, just like that, one show at a time, NFAND became a necessity, a lifeline, really. I can not, not do this show, but I do want a rest break and catch up time to do things that got sidetracked these past couples of months. The 2018 spring/summer season brought unexpected winds that I simply could not ignore. 

Thank you, everyone, for accepting my emails first and foremost. And, thank you for, reading, listening, and sharing whenever you've been able to. 

Until 5 August 2018.

Be noble.