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NFAND CODA Episode 118 | Oscar Rivera, photographer, artistic director EnFoco

Leadership succession in the Bronx arts and culture sphere is a thing to look at, write about, and discuss. The future does matter. This is a subject I’ll delve into in 2019. I’m pre-preparing my year. For now.

Oscar J. Rivera is an example of that tomorrow for EnFoco. Since 1974 EnFoco has supported visual and photographic artists of color in underserved communities. But, the borough is changing, leaders are aging, and the promise of these imperative spaces and projects need us and younger minds to carry out the next 40-years.

This was the undercurrent feeling I was left with after my convo with Oscar. Young, purposeful, real, he’s a man with a caring eye and heart. He travels from Brooklyn to the Bronx to make it to the office and is quickly becoming an inter-borough creative connector. Love him for it. December’s Nueva Luz photo journal is The Queer Issue with Oscar’s touch from beginning to end. To purchase or check it all out visit EnFoco’s website, and listen to us with perfect sound, here.

With gratitude for the Lenape Indians, original holders of Manhattan.


NFAND CODA IV - Father’s Day + UTIER President in NYC + Manny Vega Art

I’ve been busy. Really, really, really busy. My interview schedule is off though soon enough I’ll be on track again. Therefore, today’s share is a bit of a bulletin...

  1. Here is to the fathers both present and absent. Mine is very much alive, blessed be his soul and voice. Here is Episode 27, a lovely conversation I had with mom and dad back at the beginning of NFAND. It is a Spanish talk, but it is real.

  2. The President of the Unión de Trabajadores de la Industria Eléctrica y Riego de Puerto Rico (UTIER) Juan Figueroa Jaramillo, will be speaking at Hostos Community College on Monday 18 June at 7:00 p.m., 500 Grand Concourse, Room B-501. See Flyer attached. Just like last week’s The Battle for Paradise book launch and forum hosted by The Intercept, this should be a MUST ATTEND talk for those of you interested in Puerto Rico.

  3. Master artist Manny Vega is going to have an art sale next week and you should prepare to buy. I’m holding for the flyer, will circulate when I receive it. Manny spoke deep and penetrating for Episode 59.

  4. Circling back to father’s day, I share the song Huracan. Dad recorded the song over 40 years ago for his seminal album, Alborada. These things have come to pass...

  5. AND, FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER. The overlords are out like wolves. Watch out.


Episode 79 | Verónica Sanchis Bencomo, Founder Foto Féminas, Photographer

Who can put a price on memories? Pictures are precious for this very reason I suppose. We hold on to moments of moments. It is one of the ways in which we can capture time. In this is the age of citizen journalism and citizen photography, who and what is the real deal? Amateurs and Pros meet at junctures of action and practice. There is so much to see. How it turns out is that most famous images are credited to men photographers. But as photography experts and buffs know, women photographers have also captured history. This is for them...

The article, The Women Who Covered Vietnam by Elizabeth Becker immediately made me think of Verónica Sanchis Bencomo, founder of Foto Féminas, a platform exclusively devoted to showcasing Latin American women photographers. Since its launch, Foto Féminas features one photographer a month. Today, Foto Féminas is a showcase platform and a library. The collection is named after Maria Cristina Orive, a pivotal figure in Latin American photojournalism from Guatemala, who passed away this September. Orive, alongside legendary Argentinian photographer Sara Facio founded La Azotea one of the most respected oldest photography publishing houses in Latin America.

This month’s featured photographer is Gabriela Rivera Lucero. A beast. And I mean wonderful and good. The work is literally beastly, it’s called Bestiario. Check it out. The proposal is not for the faint of heart, but it is real and timely and some of the most exciting work I’ve seen in some time.

Foto Féminas has an important role and we have Veronica thank. The collective voices of these women photographers are telling the story of Latin America with bravery and not a hint of shyness. Fierce.