Episode 112 | Nejma Nefertiti, MC

Nejma Nefertiti, MC

Nejma Nefertiti, MC

I really enjoyed editing and piecing this conversation together. It took me almost an entire day and I couldn’t get to the sound correction. So. The audio is raw.

Nonetheless, I stand by this heartfelt tale of a Native American-Iranian, urban pixie.

Nejma Nefertiti tells it from deep within ancestral knowledge. Her life has seen Brooklyn the most, but New York City is her home. She’s unapologetically an MC; and also an observer, a solo thinker, a poet, a humanist, and a steel magnolia.

Intermittently, in this episode is the track Coco Chanel Remix by Nejma Nefertiti and La Bruja.



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