Episode 99 | Manny Perez, actor


Manny Pérez es un Tigre. At craft for 28-years, Manny is one of the few Latino actors in Hollywood who has etched a place for himself hard-earned consistently for twenty, kinda’ under-the-radar, but very much there. We all know he’s there. I’ve seen ten of his movies counting his latest one, VENENO | Primera Caída: El Relámpago de Jack, and I loved it. Es linda. 

Directed by Tabaré Blanchard VENENO is inspired by the life of Dominican wrestling champ and idol Jack Veneno. Distributed in the U.S. by Spanglish Films, VENENO opens in select cities: New York City; New Jersey; Providence, Rhode Island; Massachusetts: Lawrence, Boston; Pennsylvania: Reading, Philadelphia; Atlanta, Georgia; Florida: Orlando, Tampa, and, Miami on Friday 13 April. 

“Sounds from the City” I call this talk. We had connectivity issues. Holding weekly conversations has its challenges when it comes to adapting to weak remote recording situations. A strange bounce-off in cyber time sound or something made it so that he heard static, but I didn’t until edit time so you’ll hear this slight thing. At some point, just as he was getting to the crux of his story, a girl is heard crying in the background, and with a sense of humor he called out, “I’m in The Heights baby, I’m in The Heights.” But we carried on ‘cause it’s all good. I appreciate the talking time and his candidness, he's real, de la mata

See VENENO. Manny and the rest of the cast are fabulous. I for one, admire him immensely for his years of dedication, focus, and resolve to be a man of art.