Episode 101 | Rosa, undocumented, mother, student

Episode 101 is dedicated to Rosa. I met her almost two years ago through a mutual friend. She’s one of the most decent and giving people I’ve met in recent time. Always a smile, always sending a blessing, and always ready to listen. Without having she gives. Lessons.

You will hear her honesty and sweetness in this talk I recorded somewhere back in time before ICE came and took her husband.

She hid. She lives and does things but kinda’ has to move around carefully because they might take her too and separate the family. She has three children. An older son who had to drop school to work and provide for his mother, two sisters, the little one loves to swim, and the rest.

Rosa’s countenance is marked by despair and desperation, and listening to her dreams last night as I edited made me sad for all of us.

To protect her, I edited out spots from the conversation.

These days I feel I live with a permanent heavy heart for all the heartless shit that’s going on. Crude racism, prejudice, dangerous ignorance, and the list goes on. There is money galore for bombs, guns, nuclear arsenals, plans for war, and death and destruction.

And there’s little to none for the “least, the last, and the lost,” the mission of the Promised Land Covenant Church in Parkchester the Bronx. I met those good people this past Thursday and I can’t shake off the words.

Little gestures matter. Rosa and her family need help.

Here’s the Go Fund Me page to find out more.

From the heart and with love,