Episode 89 | Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

Dr. Lloydine Jacobs

The big writers of the world always say to write about what you know. I know that Dr. Lloydine Jacobs’ story moved me to the core of me. She is so young, so strong, so prepared it is unusual one gets to meet someone like her. At five-years-old Lloydine witnessed acts of such tenacity that shaped her determination and her professional calling. She wants to heal people. She wants to make people feel better. Almost prodigious, this young woman graduated high school at fifteen and went on to the highly competitive Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at The City College of New York.

What I do know is, that Dr. Jacobs talks about perseverance like few I’ve ever heard these past 19 months, and I hear these are the stories that debunk the rhetoric of evilness about immigrants families destroying the nation. Xenophobia will sink us. The layers of us are endless. Education is imperative.

Find yourself somewhere in her story. She is both young and fortifying, and her steadfastness contagious. I felt better about life in general after I said goodbye to her. It is privileged to hear how this Afro-Caribbean woman became her own, shaped by circumstance, trained in discipline, guided by faith.


Soldanela Rivera