Episode 90 | Fabian Zarta, actor, writer, performer

Episode 90 is dedicated to all the hard working creatives.

Fabian and I recorded last fall shortly before Hurricane María hit. I had several weeks of pre-recorded shows, but when the storm hit everything changed. I owed him.

Fabian is so poised. So nice. So full of valor. He is indeed a hard-working creative. A Colombian man through and through, Fabian knows history, legends, and folktales. His mother had an artistic incline but was not allowed to go-for-it because she was a girl. Though no one in his family took the “legit” artistic path, the family had it in them, and he absorbed it. He describes how you could see kids with rifles, kids alone at night at midnight, harsh things we know happen, but he explains that the circumstances his country endured led to a flushed underground creative realm and an instinctual bent in favor of humanity.

Fabian found mentors in elderly artists who actively work or worked on projects well into their 90s. For him, that is the goal. And I agree. Artists don’t retire. They evolve with time because there is always something do. Creativity is a way of life.

Live long and prosper,