Episode 85 | Carlos Gutierrez, Executive Director Cinema Tropical

8th Annual Cinema Tropical Awards

Probably few people out there like Carlos. Twenty-years of Latin American cinema under his eyes, inside his heart and intellect. Nothing succinct can explain the entire “movement,” because people are not aware of the magnitude of the region’s relentless production work these past two decades. 

Latin American cinema is speaking to us loud and clear. The list of male and female directors make up a lengthy roster of active, daring, intelligent, industrious, and fabulous artists. For the most part, productions get made with meager budgets, but, "the limitation freed the filmmakers," Carlos says, and the wealth of material has not stopped coming and is beyond what anyone imagines it is. 

Public Relations and promotion are one of the most significant challenges facing the film industry, and especially, for the niche that is Latin American cinema. This very topic is subject to further discussion. More to come.

Cinema Tropical is now going on 18-years of championing filmmakers from all over the northern and southern American Continent and celebrating the 8th Annual Cinema Tropical Awards. Here is the 2017 Short List of films.  A new approach did away with the fiction and non-fiction category, listen to the talk to hear why.  Carlos rocks for a lot of reasons, but he is unique in his ability to contextualize the cultural voice of the Latin American and Latino filmmaking industry against the present cultural and political landscape. We don't go into that so much in this talk, but perhaps he will write about it for Cinema's 20th Anniversary. 

Last but not least, this was the year for Dominican cinema, check out Cocote. And, Daniela Vega is on the cover of W Magazine.

I sincerely wish everyone a blessed year 2018. Live long and prosper,