Episode 86 | Shadia Fairuz, singer, musician, actress

Shadia Fairuz

Shadia’s eyes glow when she talks about her life-long journey as an artist. A Syrian-Puerto Rican hybrid child of love, Shadia is a natural bohemian, a woman musician, and a practiced professional. Here is a young woman who took music earnestly seriously as a kid. She learned how to read music before she learned how to read. She started singing on the latish side for a children’s choir, at the age of eight. When everyone else was out during the summertime, Shadia was playing Debussy at home, by choice, because she loved to practice. She went on to earn two different bachelor degrees (at the same time), one in music and another in communications. And then, after all that work she came to New York City and had to start again.

Over a decade has passed and Shadia today dedicates herself to acting, singing, musical theater, teaching piano, solfeo, voice, choir and maybe even a few other things related to music.

Theater credits include U.S. premiere of Spanish In The Heights, which garnered her a Best Actress nomination by Broadway World; In the Heights at D.C.’s Gala Theater; I Like It Like That at Pregones/PRTT; and a whole lot more. She’s not afraid to start from the beginning each time she’s off a great gig. What happens in downtown time is as important or more, than what happens at the height of busy. She’s clear it’s all about the journey and her lifelong commitment to artistic expression and discipline. Amen. Practice makes perfect.

Carry on.