Episode 4 | Noemí Segarra | artist and dancer, mover, improviser

Noemi Segarra Piso Proyecto 2.jpg

Noemí Segarra is an incredible artist and dancer. I’ve known her to be super skilled since childhood. A few years ago I wrote two pieces about her that appeared on the Huffington Post, Latino Voices’ vertical. I promised her a third piece, and though I’m a few years late, this conversation/interview makes good on that promise. Our conversation was deep...

Reflections of our conversation by Noemí Segarra:

“Translate the art of action and movement to the spoken and written word, as a self-reflection exercise for documentation, self-learning and knowledge.”

“Delve in defining myself (as a person and as part of a collective whole) rather than allowing others to define me.”

“The only thing that removes doubt and fear is practice. Making, testing, documenting and trying as many times as necessary.”

Piso Proyecto