Episode 46 | Rokia Diabi, Student and Aspiring Lawyer

Episode 46 Rokia Diabi.jpg

Do you think a perfect storm is brewing? Forces of all kinds swirling around. Picking up speed. Lifting intoxicating filth. Do you sense an illusory stability holds most of everything, more or less, together? A subtle innocence keeping circumstances calm? It’s pretty bad but it could be worse. I suppose it’s gonna’ get worse if...(pick a topic). But for now, it feels like goodness is keeping it all connected as strong as a spider web.

Comes in Rokia Diabi. A young woman and student with a promising future. The power of her promise nested in her dream of becoming a lawyer some day. She's so sincere. Goodness. Rokia has seen a lot, suffered a lot, but she overcomes. Here is a woman's story, a student's story, a snippet of an urban tale in globalized times.



Soldanela Rivera