Episode 45 | Wallace Edgecombe, a. k. a. Wally, Cultural icon

Episode 45 Wally by JRG of AP.jpg

I stand with the students and allies of the University of Puerto Rico.

For the next four weeks, I will share full episodes of the Hostos50 Oral Collective.

As the repulsive PROMESA proposes to slash funding from the UPR there is no better time than to share what I have been privileged enough to document for the past eight months. The antithesis of the long-term consequences of a city without a local and public educational institution.

My first love is arts and culture.

And so Episode 45 is Wally Edgecombe. He’s amazing. Just amazing. And as I see it, and at this juncture, Wally is a chapter of South Bronx history.

This is Part I of II. For those of you into deep dives, the various links will take you to the Soundcloud page where the rest of the vast collection, will be uploaded to for the rest of the year. And there, you will find Part II of Wally Edgecombe. The rest is history.


Soldanela Rivera