Episode 39 | Maria Nieto, Writer and Producer

Episode 39 Maria Nieto.jpg

Sitting down with Maria Nieto was lovely. I am of her tribe now . She taught herself how to write in formulas, that’s the Hollywood way, and she takes to it. She’s working on a couple of horror and Sci-Fi scripts. Maria has a whole lot of profound and sensible things to say about being, writing, surviving, the politics of the day, and she’s a good listener.

How we got to talking about loss and mourning I’m not sure, but we did, and I thank her for it. The dead live. What a paradox.

Indeed, that this should be the week the U.S. Gov in all its mighty might announced axing the arts from federal funding. They may or may not succeed, but one thing is for sure, art will never die. Art lives.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Resistance is not futile.


Soldanela Rivera