Episode 36 | Alfonso Díaz, Senior Entertainment Correspondent NTN24

Episode 36 Alfonso Diaz nfand pic.png

One of the nicest parts of this NFAND learning journey of the past 36 weeks, is to express, sincerely, that special something each person I talk with possess. Seeking the good saves the heart.

So here is Alfonso Díaz, the New York City arts, culture, and entertainment reporter and red carpet correspondent for the Colombian channel NTN24. As publicist he and I have worked in a variety of projects throughout the years. Put succinctly, debonair, in the truest sense of the word.

Earning respect as a serious red carpet reporter is the most challenging part of his job. We talk about that, being out there when the lights are on and things happen that curtail the job - glamour-drinks-and-drama.

To honest work.


Soldanela Rivera