Episode 34 | Arnaldo J. López, Development Officer Pregones/PRTT

NFAND Ep 34_AJL.jpg

Arnaldo J. López is brilliant. Brilliant. His capacity to synthesize the underpinnings of almost any topic you present to him is uncanny. Now, all this brilliance I talk about would never-ever-ever be spilled on you as condescension, which is what sets Arnaldo apart. Truly. Anyone that knows him will tell you that it’s so. And, one of the reasons I simply love him. He is dear to my heart for that and more...

I can bounce ideas off him and he takes them in. He listens. He makes sense of them and helps you navigate towards a conversation that is filled with depth and substance. And, those who know me well know I love deep and intense. Can’t help it.

This episode 34 is about art, culture, artists, the structures that bind, build, and help the field stay afloat. We go deep and broad but it’s specific to the field and the reality that is creation, presentation, scale, access, identity and going at it in an ever-changing financial and cultural landscape and now, a bellicose political climate.

One last thing. On Friday, Paul Krugman wrote, When The Fire Comes, and it will, in some form or another, brace yourselves to fight even harder. The hyperlink, links to the article and my published comment included here as quote: Say! Say! Say! Mr. Krugman! Forty-five is a very dangerous provocateur. The white nationalist/supremacist WH is playing a grotesque game with the world order and putting everyone in danger. Everyone, not just the U.S.A. And you say, right sir, someone will lash back or something will crack and this is the battle for humanity. For the sake of Mercy! Keep them coming Mr. Krugman. We need you.

The truth is we need everyone with a sense of decency to stand and resist. Find your way and your voice and stand.

Live long and prosper / Resistance is not futile

Soldanela Rivera