NFAND End of Year Repost - Episode 37 | Soldanela + In Gratitude

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Thank you for your time and consideration throughout this open dress rehearsal process of the project notes from a native daughter. It carries on and slowly growing at the right pace and evolving as I do with it. This was a self-imposed exercise that gave me industry at a time when I needed to strive for a purpose. I was a broken lady then, a year and a half ago. And it worked, and the work, the time, the listening, the writing, the research, the people and their stories have made me a better woman and a better person. 

Today, at year end and eighty-something weeks and episodes later I can sincerely say that NFAND is a "must do" for me, every week, from the bottom of my heart. It's raw and one-on-one, and it is that intimacy that I stand by. And, I stand by all these talks. These people are thoroughbred people. Noble. Tall order. Our stories. 

In gratitude:

Adriana Teresa Letorney

Alex Rodríguez

Alfonso Díaz

Angel Manuel Soto

Aris Mejias

Arnaldo J. López

Bill Aguado

Bobby Sanabria

Bronislaw Czarnocha

Carlos Gutiérrez

Charlie Vázquez

Claudia Norman

Daniel Maldonado

Danny Rivera

Fernando Guzzoni

Fran’ Ferrer

George Emilio Sánchez

Honorable Congressman José Serrano

Honorable Fernando Ferrer

Howard Jordan

Jane Gabriels

Javier Gómez

Jorge Merced

José Morales

Joseph and Gloria La Morte

Judy Mam

Julia Solomonoff

Kim Sanabria

Lew Levine

Liz Guerra and Hector Gerardo* 

Luis Fernando Coss

Malín Falú

Manny Vega

Maria Nieto

Maria Torres

Marlena Fitzpatrick

Melissa Rendler-García

Native Nations March

Paola Mendoza

Pete “Bariman” Miranda

Rhina Valentín

Rokia Diabi

Rosalba Rolón

Rosary Solimanto

Rosie Berrido

Sarah Sandman

Tere Martínez

Veronica Sánchis Bencomo

Wallace “Waly” Edgecombe

Willie Perdomo

Yaraní Del Valle

End of Year repost of Episode 37 #ADayWithoutAWoman. 

Blessings and providence for 2018.

I look forward to January 20, 2018. I'll be marching with BrickXBrick. Sign up. 

Thank you again. 

Be safe. Be good to you. And stand against Neo-Facisim.



* Correction: Last week, in the share for Episode 84, Liz Guerra was erroneously presented as Liz Torres for 1Freedom. Since corrected on the platform.