Episode 41 | Javier E. Gómez, Actor, Producer, Journalist

Episode 41Javier Gomez_By_GUSTAVO_MIRABILE.jpg

Javier started his career in communications way back when his parents built him a playhouse, that at one point he turned into a studio news station. He wrote scripts and broadcasted the news. I can picture him clearly, little, doing his thing. He read the papers everyday at 8:00 p.m. with his parents. His love for news is a way back thing. Good it is.

A consummate professional in the field of communications, Javier knows government, public affairs, culture, society, political campaigns, and a whole lot more. More like acting and performing. He combines his art and what he considers his civic duty, reporting on local news.

He and I have grown up together, professionally speaking. In this episode 41, we talk about that, the things we do, the new era of news and though he’s straight laced and I the bohemian one, we’re good colleagues, with nothing but mutual respect. Good, it is.


Soldanela Rivera