Episode 38 | Native Nations March - MNI WICONI

Episode 38 Native People's March.jpg

Once, many, many years ago, I had the honor of playing Spider Woman / Spider Grandmother in Murray Mednick’s The Coyote Cycle. The culmination of performing this play meant we did seven acts through the night beginning at dusk and ending at sunrise. The Coyote, the Trickster, the Clown, and Spider Woman. The cycle of life, the story. The four elements. We had an audience. I stood eye-to-eye with an owl. Humbling.

As a native daughter, my sincere heart stands with Native Nations. We have one earth.

Their fight is our fight. Truly. It was an honor to march on Friday in Washington D.C. #WaterIsLife. Without water we don’t survive. None of us. None of this.

This episode is what I heard - their proclamation, their credo, the plea, the warning.


Soldanela Rivera