Episode 62 | Fernando Guzzoni, Chilean Filmmaker

Episode 62 Jesus Dance Competition.jpeg

Chilean filmmaker Fernando Guzzoni is a poet. His film Jesús is a powerful coming of age film with a different bent. Inspired by a true event Fernando writes to slash your viser off your face.

Jesús is raw, real, beautiful, and devastating. This is the story about boy that mirrors the Chile of today and the cities we all live in. Fernando is a profound thinker and cares about a lot of things. In this work he etches a journey of tragedy all wrapped up in free love, innocence, immaturity, base behavior, repentance, treason, defeat. He doesn’t make it pretty, but he does bring us his voice with respect and courage.

Theatrical roll-out of Jesús begins September 1 in New York and follows a DVD/VOD on September 19. See his other two works, La Colorina and Carne de Perro (Dog Flesh).

Soldanela Rivera