Episode 32 | Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director, Women’s March

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Powerful, determined, stand-up, a woman of her word, an award-winning filmmaker, actress, and director, Paola blows people away. She does, she’s got that something…I met her back when I was with my Falco Ink family as a film publicity and got the chance to do P.R. for her film Entre Nos.

I know her story very well. I wrote this piece for her bookThe Ones Who Don’t Stay (Los Que No Se Quedan), for the Huffington Post. Her track record has enough substance for several episodes, from refugee camps in Kenya to immigration detention centers, Paola does not relent when it comes to immigrant rights. I also wrote this piece for the Huffington Post about her andthe fabulous Gloria LaMorte, one of Paola’s creative and life sisters.  In this episode, we talk about the Women’s March. I asked her where her sense of duty comes from for the sake of those who don’t know her. Listen to her words. Hopefully, she’ll inspire you to stay the course and stand on simple but essential principles of humanity.

I, like her, and as stated in the Women’s March website in the Artists’ Table section, believe artists hold the power to humanize the most difficult of issues.

The work she and the women responsible for the Women’s March, have given us, the people of the world who believe that a better society is possible, a reason to stand against those trafficking with hate and demagoguery. Strength in numbers...

I for one, even in the darkest hour, hold to Anne Frank’s own words: Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart.

 Below Michael Skolnik's letter. He said to share. I say read on. Act. Resist.



Soldanela Rivera