Episode 14 | Ivonne Coll | actress and performer

Ivonne Coll.jpg

Good day fair people, Ivonne Coll plays a fabulous Alba Gloriana Villanueva, abuela, on The CW hit show, Jane the Virgin. Ella es una estrella puertorriqueña / a Puerto Rican star with a career path of many years. I offer a heartfelt introduction about her and to her, for all of you, which, I think will make up for the fact that I lost her first nine minutes of conversation. Humbling.

Ivonne es bella y tremenda and she’s family. 

This picture of Ivonne from the 70s, taken by the grand man Gabriel Suau, a whole other beautiful story, is part of my childhood framework regarding arts, culture andentertainment in Puerto Rico during the 70s and early 80s. Talented people. Beautiful people. Beautiful times.

I apologize again for my blunder with tech and sound. But I stand by the conversation. Mistake withstanding, and to my credit, starting this podcast was more important than achieving perfect sound from the get-go. I hold four more pre-recorded episodes using simply headphones with a mic and a laptop. Those upcoming ones, however, have recorded fairly well. And, just recently I upgraded my equipment, mics-macs-and all, so, pa’lante y mejorando.

Live long and prosper,


Soldanela Rivera