Episode 16 | Eduardo Alegría | performance artists, writer, dancer, band leader

Se Nos Fue La Mano.jpg

Good day fair people,

There’s so much I want to say about Eduardo Alegría, and yet I'm completely out words. He was the first light I saw at the end of a dark tunnel. EA is a star. A performance artist, writer, dancer, vocalist, philosopher and band leader. He calls Se Nos Fue La Mano a musical “novelette.” The album is an outstanding piece. A Spanish alternative-rock gem for the ages. 

In the episodePoneletreros, his words, music, queer life, Clowns Caress Me, Lucecita Benitez, Puerto Rico, made in the sea, El Recipiente/Tsunami.

Attached, the song Alucinando al Máximo (Hallucinating to the Max) for these days of thunder and seeming moral putrefaction.



+ the booklet with full credits and lyrics 

Soldanela Rivera